Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Goodie Goodie Granola

After sharing a piccie on my Facebook page yesterday of a tray of freshly toasted Granola that I had made, I had quite a few requests for the recipe. So here we are ...

I have never been much of a breakfast eater. In fact I haven't eaten the meal for years. 
I know , I know, its the most important meal of the day. I really should eat it and I am trying to make the change to my diet and carve some time to prepare and enjoy this crucial meal of the day.
I am not a fan of milk, so cereal is out. I am trying to lay off the bread, so toast it out. I leave home at 7:40am after getting 4 kids ready, so it has to be fast, filling and of course, tasty.
Enter my new found obsession..... Granola. 

Full of yummy goodie goodie goodness, nuts, seeds, oats and topped with more yummy stuff , whats not to love?

And seeing as though I have passed my new obsession down to the kids, and it can get quite pricey to buy Granola from the supermarket (small box for big $$) I decided to make my own. 
This is only my second time at making Granola,  but I now know what flavours I like etc so I think I am on to a winner!
The base of this recipe is from Sarah Wilsons I Quit Sugar Coco- Nutty Granola  which I then changed and added to as I pleased, based on a little research on some Granola boxes in the supermarket. 

So here is my Granola,  because its full of lots of goodness, and tastes like a goodie too!



    - 5 cups oats
    - 2 cups of nuts, roughly chopped ( I used a combination of Pecans and Almonds)
    - 3 tbsp chia seeds
    - 3/4 cup sunflower seeds
    - 1/2 cup pepitas ( I used a seed comination mix of sunflower and pepitas so 1 1/4 c)
    - 1/2 cup sesame seeds
    - 100g coconut oil (can also use vegetable or sunflower oil)
    - 100ml rice malt syrup, plus extra to drizzle during toasting (You can substitute for Golden syrup)
    - 2 tbsp ground cinnamon
    - 1 cup coconut (I used desiccated)
    - 1 cup of dried fruit - e.g.  apricots/cranberries/sultanas

Combine all ingredients in a LARGE mixing bowl (this makes quite a bit of mixture) and spread it out on a baking tray. You may need to do a few batches, I used 3 trays. 

Bake in a pre heated oven on 160 degrees for about 10-15 mins (depending on how much you like it toasted), then remove, stir and turn the granola, drizzling a little more Rice Malt Syrup and bake for another 10 mins or so. 

Remove and allow to cool before sealing in a container. 
(I like this container to store a large batch and I can use a scoop)

Serve as you wish.  I like to have my Granola with yoghurt and fresh fruit and 2 of our kids like it with just milk . Its filling, satisfies you for hours and tastes super yummy. Have a try at making it yourself, change it up to suit you and  your tastes/ allergies etc. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

New Cushions

After searching high and low, in bricks and mortar stores and all through the internet, for cushions for our living area that were both affordable and nice to look at , I finally gave up the hunt.
Instead I settled in, deliberated and procrastinated , over purchasing some fabric that would become our new cushions. I knew what I wanted, but I didn't at the same time, so this seemed the best option. Plus this is a high traffic area of our home , as we only have the one living area, and the kids dominate this space for most of the time , so spending a small fortune on a few pretty throw cushions was simply not an option. 

I ordered this yummy loot from Fabric .com , and with postage it all cost about $75, and I have PLENTY of fabric left over for other projects (I used one of them for the  lamp I recovered, see post HERE). I used an existing quilt that we have laying over the lounge as the inspiration for the colours and just chose a few to highlight in the throw cushions.

A bit of time on the sewing machine, lots of pretty, creative mess and a few curse words (always the way when I am driving a sewing machine) and our cushions were complete! I made them all with a simple envelope closure at the back , which makes them easy to take off and throw in the wash quite regularly. 

The end result? Pretty cushions, all a little different. All a little wonky, all needing new inserts ( I just popped the ones I had already in them and they aren't all the right sizes) but I love them all the same! 

I love the Pom pom trim detail, I love how they all pick up different colours and complement each other and I love the felt flower (that my sister made and I have already ) that pinned onto the green spotty one and adds some pretty detail.

I love the few pops of colour in the lounge area now. I am trying to be more daring and I am really enjoying the fresh pops of brightness here and there.

With the covered lamp (that ties in with the cushions) , our new throw cushions and a good decull and reorganise of the space, our lounge feels like a new room! 

All up I think the 6 cushions have cost about $30 to make, with so much fabric left over , so for $5 a cushion, I can't complain! It was nice to have a project in mind and be able to get a little crafty and whip something up on the sewing machine. I really think that even beginners to a sewing machine could make some cushions covers and its a really great, low cost way to snazz up any space! 
Easy to make, easy to clean and look cute. Perfect. 
And a bonus? When I get sick of these ones, I can whip up a whole new set and the look of the room will be different again! Love it! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Organising on a Budget - A Quick Bedside Drawer Tidy

My favourite kind of Organising projects would have to be the super quick yet super effective ones, and this is certainly one of those. 
My bedside drawers are always a bit of a shambles, especially the top drawer. It tends to be a dumping ground for anything on the drawer top that I don't want there, anything that my husband wants to put away that is mine and then the things I like to use before bed also. Crazy! 

I know the before shot really isn't that bad , but it was still a small problem area in our home , and I am working through them, one at a time!

Coles has been killing it in the "Dollar Dazzler" section , with lots of kitchenware items that I purchased for the Caravan for just a few dollars , and also these cute rolls of wrapping paper for $2 a pop. I loved the patterns and set them aside to do more with them than wrap a present, only to be chucked in the bin shortly afterwards. So what better way to use them, than a pretty drawer liner?

I simply measured the drawer, cut the paper to size and secured the corners with some double sided tape underneath. 
I added a few little tubs that I bought from Kmart for a couple of dollars , containerised the frequently used items ( heel balm, moisturiser, paw paw cream) and re homed the things that didn't belong here. 

Now its a pleasure to look at and is user friendly. Win win. And all for less than $10! 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Insta happenings

I am a great lover of the App Instagram! A wonderful network of photo sharing, commenting and forming 'relationships' with people through the power of images and comment love. 
I have recently started a blog Instragram account, where I will be sharing bit and pieces from around my home and life. I often load piccies on to Instagram and then forget to do so on Facebook etc, so if you would like to follow more of the Bizzy Dayz journey, you can find me HERE, or the username is , wait for it ... bizzydayz

Meanwhile, here is a few Instagram snaps of our life lately ;

Twin LOVE 

Sunday arvo happenings

An invitation to a "Frozen" party calls for Anna hair and a coronation dress!

Breakfast with Harry Potter and Fireman Sam

Banana Bread, everyone favourite 

Planting some Capsicums and Tomatoes

Food prep for dance concert rehearsals 

For the love of laminating

Afternoon smoothie pick me ups

Plumb tuckered

$5 roses are the best kind!
(and puppy toilet training treats)

Strawberries on sale, means yummy strawberry jam 

Being read a book by your big sister? Now that is something special

The power of an image should never be under estimated. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Re covering a Lamp

Since moving into our home, and beginning our 'rental' journey, I have been more inspired to add some colour to our home. I have been in the safe zone for so long, using mostly whites, tans , beige's and browns to decorate and I still love that look, however when you rent there aren't many things in the house that have control over, other than your soft furnishings. 
The window treatments can't be changed, you are limited as to what you can hang on the walls and can't change anything big (like cupboards, paint , bench tops etc). 
So whats the solution? 
Well my solution is to add colour with new throw cushions, recovering lamp shades, pretty table runners and painting a few items around the place. So far so good!
After sharing some piccies of my recovering adventures, I was asked a few questions, so what better way to answer everyone , than to show you just how I covered my lamp shade. 
Now I am NO expert, I am really not sure if this is the proper way to do it but its what worked for me. 

Recovering a Lamp Shade 


I started with a neutral colour lampshade that came with our standard lamp (the lamp itself was $20 from Target). 
Fabric to the length of the diameter of your shade
A hot glue gun
A can of Spray Adhesive (mine was purchased at Spotlight)

Spray your first section, with the nozzle about 20cm from the shade. 
Its best to spray the lamp shade in small sections, because the Spray Adhesive dries quite quickly. 

Lay your fabric over the area that has the wet spray adhesive, ensuring that you have a seam allowance on either side ( I measured my fabric and added 3cm to the width to allow for this)

Smooth with your hand as the fabric is rolled on , to remove any air bubbles or creases in the fabric.

Continue this process for the rest of the lamp shade until you have covered it all .

This is what it should look like when it is all covered, with the seam allowance on the top and bottom.

Cut off any excess fabric, leaving another 2-3m for the seam , and fold it over. I ironed my seam so that it would sit flat on the lamp shade ( just gently ran the iron over the fabric and lamp shade)

Run a strip of hot glue just under the seam and press to flatten.

Next we need to fold the small seam on each rim over and secure with a line of hot glue as well. Again, its best to work in small sections as the hot glue cools and sets quite quickly.
Run a length of glue, fold the fabric over and wait a few seconds until it sets, repeat the whole way around.

Ta - Da! 
There you have an updated, brighter and customised lamp shade to suit your living area and colour scheme. 
And it only took an hour or so. Now I am looking for my next victim to be recovered! 
Its addictive!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Refreshing for the New School Term

We are only a few days into our first week of school holidays here in WA, however , we are going away for most of break so I really wanted to get organised and sorted early.

With only one Term to go of school, the kids school bags, shoes and supplies are getting a bit grubby, disorganised and need a little refresh. 

Each holidays I like to give the kids school bags a wipe over. They are made of a PVC type fabric so can't really be chucked in a machine (well its no benefit) but just by using a spray bottle and cloth, they come up sparkly and clean!

I like to use a Eucalyptus spray (diluted using the Eucalyptus cleaning solution) for the initial clean and then a quick once over with Pinoclean for a disinfectant of germies!

All our kids have a whole set of school clothes as a spare in the bottom of their larger pocket ( I just bought generic and plain items from Best and Less) of their school bags. 
When I was away a few weeks ago, I picked up this handy plastic pencil case, perfect for storing wet or soiled items or to keep the clothes safe from lunch box spills. 

The change of clothes now has a new home and it folds nicely in the base of her bag.

Stella has a little zippered purse in the front pocket of her bag (I don't quite trust Max and Lacey with one yet hehe) and this holds a few dollars in change. Just in case she needs to buy something from the Canteen, I forget money for an excursion or 'ice cup Friday'. 
I simply topped up the change, cleaned it up and popped it back in the front pocket. 

Before the term ends, its also a good idea to check your kids school supplies, pencil cases and other items like hats etc incase they need a top up or replacement. Some teachers may send a note home (Stella's teacher has a small printable she uses where she ticks the item that needs to be replenished) but you could also ask your children.
Stella needs new Wind up crayons , and because we are heading into our extremely HOT summer, I bought a new roll on Suncream for her to use at break times. 

All the kids sneakers have had a run through the washing machine and look like brand new and all their school hats have had a thorough wash and dry in the sun (helps to kill any left over germs).

I am now free to go on holidays, enjoy myself and return home and not have to worry about back to school preparations. 

I think I may just try and be this organised more often! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bathroom Cupboard Organisation

Life is busy, time gets away from us and before we know it, our cupboards, bench tops and any other available surface is piled full of 'stuff' and are a train wreck. 
I like to think that I am a pretty tidy person but it still happens in my home. 
Throw in an older style 'rental' and there isn't much hope of 'pretty'.

Insert ; Our kids bathroom Vanity

Old tiles, old laminate, old EVERYTHING (that never looks clean regardless of what I do!) and a whole heap of mess happening there! 
So ... I tidied as much as possible, containerised everything , bought some new colourful towels and added some cute little labels. 
Ta- Da !

The labels are really what has made the little organising project work. 

The cupboard is so much more user friendly, everyone can see where everything lives and needs to be put away and I repurposed most items that I already had. 

Products used;

Green tubs - IKEA a few years ago
Plastic baskets - Kmart $3 ea HERE 
( I already had these, I have them everywhere around the house!)
White bucket - IKEA $2.95 ea HERE
Towels- Kmart $12 ea HERE
Labels- Pretty Paper Label - contact Kate's facebook page HERE
(Kate custom makes labels, you can choose the font, colour , size EVERYTHING! She is amazing to work with and very clever at her job! Get onto it! )